PEAKWORKS - RES-Q-KIT - 100' (30.4 M)

PEAKWORKS - RES-Q-KIT - 100' (30.4 M)
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Price: $3,534.45
Product ID : RES-Q-KIT 100'
Manufacturer: PeakWorks



  • Canadian law states that every company must be prepared for a rescue and therefore every fall protection application and work environment must have a pre-planned rescue system established.
  • As time is critical when responding to a worker in need, it is incumbent upon all job sites to have the right equipment and proper training available in case of an emergency.
  • PeakWorks offers a wide range of equipment and training to help you develop the rescue system required for your specific application.
  • The Res-Q-Kit is a unique 4:1 100' (30.5 m) raise and lower kit; it allows a person to be lowered using friction or raised by using a mechanical one-directional pulley
  • The Res-Q-Kit is our most effective retrieval kit

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